Friday, March 25, 2016

Makes my heart smile

You know that time when a former student contacts you out of the blue and makes your Friday evening?

Well, that happened to me tonight.  <3

I do not know about you, but I have often thought about where my former students might be, what grade they are in, what they have become, and what would I say to them?  Well, I was reminded that I have said enough...all that has to be said has been biggest impact was already made every single day he/she was in our classroom.  No shows.  No gimmicks.  No fake warm wishes.

When I received the prized message, my husband and I were in the middle of flipping through the channels to find a show to watch after a long and tiring day of potty training and also work.  I will leave it to you to decide who was doing what.  ;-)

Anyways, before we could decide on a show to watch while we cuddled on the couch, a ding occurred on my phone.  I decided to glance, even though I really did not want to.

Well, as soon as I reached for my phone to look at Facebook Messenger, I was elated that I did.
Through messages back and forth, I found out this former student is studying elementary education.  My heart is so full.  I teach for these relationships and memories, impressions and inspiration.  This is the real reason I teach.  #foreverateacher