Friday, October 9, 2015

Writing Workshop Often Melts My Heart

Who here LOVES to teach Writing Workshop?  My hand is up...way up in the hair after hearing this question.  Helping kids gain a voice is so powerful and one of my favorite things about my job.  Here are two examples right here!  For number one, the little munchkin wrote about her brother and had such powerful voice.  She even used the phrase, "Guess What?  Are you ready?"  Just like I modeled during my Write Aloud.  :)  Get ready for some extra cuteness.  :)
My second kiddo wrote a longer story her new baby brother or sister.  She even wrote this, "We do not know if it is a boy or a girl yet, but I know this for sure.  I will love the baby and it will be so lucky to have a big sister like me."  Awwwww!!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Days of the Week Labels

Do you want to organize all of your papers/materials you will use during the course of the week/next week in your classroom?!?!  Here is your answer!  I ordered these 3-drawer organizers from Amazon, and they work like a charm.  This link is for the 3 pack, so am using 2 for the daily drawers, and then I have a the 3rd one holding writing workshop paper in our writing center! You can get these FREE daily labels at my TpT Shop!

Have a great night!  I am off to bed!!!!!  :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

If you think you are done, you have only just begun.

Writing Workshop!  I love teaching Writing Workshop!  It is one of the times during the day where kids truly learn more about me as their teacher.  I love telling them more about me and my life through my Writing Aloud.  :)  During one of our first Writing Workshop lessons, I like to teach kids the familiar Lucy Calkins quote, "When you think you are done, you have just begun."  This teaches the students that even when they think they are done with a piece, they can add to the pictures, add to the words, or start a new piece!  :)  I love how Writing Workshop empowers students as true writers!!!  Do you use Writing Workshop in your classroom?!
*Get this for free at my TpT Shop!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Behavior and Inspirational Posters

Do you want to brighten up your students' faces, as well as your own each and every single day?!?!  Here is your answer!  Get your behavior and inspirational posters!  HERE!  These are great reminders for us all each and every day.  :)
Behavior and Inspirational Posters

Chicago Teachers Blogging Meet Up!

This was my very first blogger meet up, and it was so amazing!!!  I had a great time, learned so much and best of all, I was so INSPIRED!  What an awesome place to have it!!  Lou Malnati's Pizzeria!  YUMMM!!
I am excited to get back into the blogging world now that we have been in school for a month!  More pics from my classroom to come very soon!  :)  Thanks to Teaching in a Nutshell for setting this up!!  #CTBMU2015