Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Writing Workshop

Do you use Writing Workshop in your classroom?!

Thoughtful ideas
Perfect word choice
Strong voice
Daily revisions
Smart writers
Proud students

I owe it all to Writing Workshop because all of these occur in our 2nd grade classroom.  :)  I could not ask for more energy, determination and focus in our room during Writing Workshop.  If I could store in a jar the excitement and learning that happen every day during Writing Workshop, I would be a millionaire!  :)

If you are not doing Writing Workshop, please consider it!  If you need help with any resources to get your started, please do not hesitate to ask!  I LOVE talking about Writing Workshop, and I love teaching Writing Workshop even more!

Ummmm...I think I just said WRITING WORKSHOP 15 times!  :)

During my time in Hinsdale with the Illinois Writing Project two summers ago, one participant in my workshop asked me if I ever considered consultation work.  Woah.  What an honor to have been asked that.  I am doing consultation work right now with the Illinois Writing Project.  I am living the dream.  :)

These books are new for me through Heinemann Publishing.  I hope my order comes soon!  I cannot wait to incorporate more anchor charts in my classroom this coming school year!!  I have always had students be included in the process of creating the anchor charts that they will be referring to in the classroom, but these books have amazing strategies that I need to know about!!  Do own these in your library??

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