Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Where I'm From Poetry

What a fantastic week it has been so far!  I am a leader for the Illinois Writing Project  www.illinoiswritingproject.com, and I am teaching teachers in Elmhurst, Illinois all about Writing Workshop and strategies to use in their classrooms.  I sooooo enjoy sharing ideas!  I am also learning TONS from such talented teachers in our group!  It is a win-win!  :)  One participant came up to me today and asked, "Can I just get into your head and learn all of your ideas and gain all of your knowledge?"  I.was.honored.  Me?  Little ol' me?  That comment will sure stick with me forever.

One of the activities tomorrow:  The teachers will write a Where I'm From Poem.  This idea is originally from Georgia Ella Lyon.  Boy did I love this experience.  Brainstorming at the beginning...prewriting ideas...and drafting this reflective poem.  It makes me smile about where I came from.  Maybe you want to try it and see what you come up with!  Here is a resource you can use to get your mind thinking.
Here is what I wrote tonight in preparation for tomorrow's class!  Hope you enjoy!

           *Where I’m From

I am from the hardworking
and responsible.
I am from the parents who taught me right
from wrong.
I am from the immediate family of 3
and extended family of many.

I am from the smell of my mom’s homemade pizza
lingering in the kitchen,
from New Kids on the Block singing “Hangin’ Tough”
and from the original American Girl doll Samantha.

I am from the movies
“What about Bob?” and “The Mask “ on Friday nights.

From watching the movie “Father of the Bride” on the couch with Daddy
both of us dreaming of my future prince charming.
I am from nicknames like, “Pumpkin” and “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

I am from the most manicured lawn on the block,
And the looooooooong driveway with planters ending each side.
I am from playing catch with Daddy and shopping with Mommy.
I am from being the tom-boy playing basketball with the boys and
being the girly-girl playing Barbies.

I am from stockings stuffed
and from a long line of presents on Christmas morning.

I am from being able to tell my mom anything
without fear of her response.
I am from Saturday lunches with 3 generations
and outings of women.

I am from long legs in the family tree,
from Gabl and from Sweiding.
I am from a long line of emotional women.

I am from the mind your p’s and q’s
And look both ways before you cross the street.

I am from skinned knees after hot summer afternoons
on the softball field.

I’m from the most voted to become a nun in the high school yearbook.
From mashed potatoes and Coke Slurpees
From the original Nintendo days
And Super Mario Brothers.

I am from pride.
I am from unity.
I am from the generous.
I am from family.
I am Kari.

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