Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We read it Wednesday!

Welcome to the VERY FIRST EDITION of We Read it Wednesday!  That is READ as in the color, RED.  :)  It took me a LONG time to come up with a name for this special time where I get to share all the neat picture and chapter books we have read/are reading in our classroom!  I hope you tune in every Wednesday for this very special book sharing!!  Please leave comments giving details on other books you want to share with other amazing teachers like yourself!
*Thanks to MelonHeadz for the amazing clipart and KG Fonts for the adorable fonts on the above picture.

Have you ever read Boris Ate a Thesaurus??  Well if not, you should!!  This is a story about a little boy named Boris who eats a thesaurus and then starts speaking in synonyms.  It is fantastic and hilarious!  The kids LOVE it!  I love to use this book as a mentor text for using good word choice in student writing.  I usually read it during my minilesson, and then I give the kids the assignment of going back into their writing in their writing folders to change two words into new and exciting synonyms.  Then about 10 minutes in, I have volunteers stand up to share what they changed in their writing.  Read this book to your students to help them transform their writing from boring to engaging!

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