Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Sunday Scoop

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Enjoy your week!!

Three Things:
1.  How can 3 people create so much laundry... every. single. week!?!?

2.  I have been holding off to make sure that every single part was accurate.  So, it is official.  I will file today.  Get ready IRS, here it comes!

3.  I love tutoring!  I love to be able to help a student in need one-on-one with no distractions.  The "no distractions" part NEVER happens during the course of any one school day, so this is a nice time where the focus can really be on that one student!!  The extra money does not hurt either!  :)  

Two Things:
1.  I know that it will be spring soon, and boy I am so excited for the warmer weather.  However, I am in love with hot chocolate.  I know...I am an adult.  Should I really love hot chocolate as much as I do?  Well, I do not care!  I even have a favorite place to get my hot chocolate from...DUNKIN!    The. Best. in. the. Entire. World!!  However, today is more of a stay in the house kinda day, so Swiss Miss it will be!

2.  I take pictures all the time.  I mean all. the. time.  I have so many of our daughter and also the world around me.  I hope to transfer all of my newest pictures to my laptop this afternoon or this evening.  We shall see...

One Thing:
*Is it really going to be spring soon in Chicago?!  I was searching Pinterest last night and came up with some amazing spring styles I want to sport!  Welcome Spring!!

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