Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We Read it Wednesday!

It is time for We Read it Wednesday!!  Are your students addicted to learning all about nature?  Are they excited to learn about weather?  Do they want to find out all the facts they can about animals?

Mine do!!  I absolutely love any nonfiction book written by Seymour Simon!  Have you read any books written by him?  Seymour Simon writes nonfiction books about many interesting topics dealing with the world around us.  Students love the photographs and information and cannot get enough!

I don't actually read the entire book in front of the class because they are rather long and have lots of information.  These are books that I read ahead of time to myself.  I then pick out different sections to read in front of my class as my minilesson before I write aloud.  I use them as reference for my own writing so my students can see how good writers read about topics and research topics they are writing about.  I also use them as mentor texts to give the students great ideas they can use in their own nonfiction writing!  Check out some of my favorites!

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