Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We Read it Wednesday!

Wednesday?!  Already?!  Again?!  Wow...many parts of this week flew by...while other parts DRAGGED!  My whole family got the stomach flu.  It was my daughter to show the symptoms first on Saturday afternoon.  Then, I wondered, could my husband and I really be immune and skip this whole debacle 100%...I. WAS. WRONG.  Boy was I wrong.  I think we complained more than little E did while she was going through what you go through during the stomach flu.  :(  But, I can 100% say, we are ready to face the world tomorrow.  We actually get to go outside.  :)

But anyways, I know you all have been desperately waiting for this week's WE READ IT WEDNESDAY, so here it is!!

Have you read the books How to Babysit a Grandpa and How to Babysit a Grandma?  Awww they are adorable!  As you can imagine, the little characters in the books are trying to make sure that the grandpa and grandma have the perfect days/nights by supplying the right snacks, what to do on a walk, how to play, where to sleep during a sleepover, and what to do once tucked in ever so tightly!

Well, the brand new book that is being released on March 24th is called How to Surprise a Dad and it looks JUST as adorable!  This looks like a must read!  This book walks you through how to surprise a dad by preparing for his surprise birthday party.  I cannot wait to read this book!!!!  So, although we have not actually READ it in my classroom, I think it is WAY SAFE to say that we will be reading this as soon as I get hands on it!!  :)

My question is...will there be a book about MOMS???  Maybe that one is next!!


  1. Hi there! I'm the author of this How-to "series." The "mom" book will be out spring of 2017. (I'm working on it right now!) BUT . . . . a Santa book comes out this fall and a teacher book comes out the summer of 2016. So, I guess the MOM book is having to wait its (her?) turn.
    Thanks for your enthusiasm. Happy reading! And please pass along a hello to your class.

    1. Hi Jean!! :) I cannot believe you left a comment on my little ol' blog!!! :) My students and I are so in love with your books, and they will be so thrilled to hear that there are plenty more coming! :) I am an aspiring author working on a book right now, so I am in love with the fact that you saw your books on my blog and also commented!! :)