Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We read it Wednesday: My favorite Patricia Polacco Books!

We read it Wednesday!!  :)  This marks the 4th edition of WE READ IT WEDNESDAY, and I could not be happier to announce this week's author!  Patricia Polacco!  In my classroom, we always do a Patricia Polacco Author Study in the spring.  Here are some of the books we will read in the coming weeks!

Patricia Polacco is one of the authors who changes your outlook on life and warms your heart.  She makes you think twice about the little and big things all around you and reminds you to truly appreciate them.  Sounds perfect for the spring months.  Here are some of my absolute favorites, but there are so many other that I enjoy as well.  If you are in your classroom right now, take one off the shelf and be prepared to reflectively smile.  You deserve it.

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