Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Sunday Scoop

I cannot believe we are almost going to say goodbye to 2014!  I am linking up with Teaching Trio for their last Sunday Scoop of 2014!

Leftovers are awesome, especially my mom's stuffed mushrooms, but there comes a time when you do NOT want leftovers...again...I think I am at that point.

We are so lucky to have had so many Christmas gifts given to Emma as well as us.  Now, just to find out WHERE to put them all.  My mom sent me this article about a mom starting a tradition of having her toddler go through her own toys before Santa came, and leaving a pile of toys Santa could take to give to less fortunate boys and girls.  I am definitely doing this next year.  I think this is a fantastic way for Emma to realize that she can help others around her and others deserve happiness as well.  Here is the article if you are interested in reading.

Enjoy your Sunday and rest of the week!  :)


  1. Girl my list is so similar! Great teacher minds think alike :) Enjoy the rest of your break!!!

    1. Great teacher minds DO think alike! :) Happy New Year!

  2. I am so glad to have just discovered your blog through the Sunday Scoop linky. I love discovering other 4th grade teacher bloggers.

    Although I don't have kiddos of my own, I think that is a very thoughtful idea to leave toys that kids no longer play with for Santa to take with him for less fortunate kids. Love it!

    Happy New Year from your newest follower!

    1. I am your newest follower as well! :) LOVE your blog design! Light gray chevron is my new fav! :) Enjoy your week!