Saturday, November 8, 2014

November Currently

Hello everyone, it's Kari from Teaching with Smiles! I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's CURRENTLY linky party!

Listening:  While my husband has some football games on, I am listening to some Maroon 5 which I am currently loving.  I have always been a Maroon 5 fan, but since the Voice has started back up again for this current season, I have been listening to them pretty much 24-7!

Loving:  I just cannot get enough of my daughter's skinny jeans OR her jeggings.  :)  I think they are absolutely adorable!  We get so many comments every single day she wears them.  :)

Thinking:  November, really?!?!  How can it be November?  How can Halloween be over and how can we be moving into the holiday season already?!?!  Boy time sure does fly.

Wanting:  I really do want report cards to be over.  This is my least favorite time of the year.  The trimester just ended on Friday and now it is a sprint to finish the report cards.  However, I guess in order to be finished with report cards, I have to had started.  :)  That leads me to my next section of this post...

Needing:  I need to start my report cards!  I will start Sunday afternoon when the house is quiet.  :)

Reading:  My daughter and I are currently reading as many Elmo books as she can find!  She just discovered Elmo and now basically everything red she calls ELMO.  It is quite funny.  :)  I really do love the rediscover Elmo with her because Elmo sure does have a way of engaging others!

That bring us to the end of this November Currently!

Have a great rest of of your weekend and a great week next week!  :)


  1. Elmo is definitely timeless, I remember watching and reading everything Elmo with my kids and they they are now 18 and 20. Besides how can you resist him, he is adorable!!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

    1. You are so right! Elmo is quite adorable and is always so happy. :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me! Grades are due tomorrow!! And baby clothes are the best! :-)

    1. Yikes for you! Grades due tomorrow!!!
      Grades are due for us by Thursday morning!! Can it be Thursday afternoon already?!?!