Friday, November 21, 2014

Guess Who?!?

At my school, we have conferences next week, the week of Thanksgiving.  The kids do not come to school on Monday and Tuesday, and we have conferences scheduled with parents from 1:00-8:00pm.  It is quite the long day/night, but I have heard that some teachers have conferences after they have been teaching  YIKES!  

To entertain the parents in the hallway for a little bit while they wait, we created these GUESS WHO! projects.  They turned out super cute and the kids are beyond proud.

The kids are so looking forward to seeing if their parents can guess who is who before they lift up the flap!!  Click here if you would like a FREEBIE of the Guess Who! paper that is shown below.  :)

If you would like the letters I used, here they are!


  1. Your Guess Who board is adorable!! Such a great idea!! And I can't believe you had parent teacher conferences Thanksgiving week! I guess it's good that at least you didn't have to teach all day before that!